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What is veroox?

Veroox is a dynamic social bundle that put you in touch with competent people who would help you about your most pressing query, whatever they might be. We propose a skill-oriented social network which let users share their knowledge (any experiences or skills a user might have) with friends and public in dead-simple way. more...
User contributions are more like series of concise blogs (e.g. "Hamoud is an expert in faux painting effects-Baltimore-2007," or "Ralph submitted a funding application to Seedcamp-London-2009"). In addition, Veroox creates bundles between users who have some kinds of similarities based on a specific entry (e.g. It bundles surgeons who have performed "off-pump bypass surgery" - coronary artery bypass surgery without the aforementioned cardiopulmonary bypass. ). Any user with a query can quickly search these blogs and bundles by keywords and find an accessible (users will select an accessibility status) member to voice call or text chat regarding your question. These conversations become part of a database-like wiki; verbal conversations are converted using voice-to-text technology. Users can access and modify conversations using a very simplified markup language.